*Tickets purchased at Oasis Family Farm ticket booth are only valid for day purchased.

Want to have an event to remember? Call and speak with our event coordinator to set up your Birthday Party or Event Now!!! We host events for people of all ages!!

Birthday Parties must keep there food or drinks in the Birthday Party area!! DO NOT bring food or drinks into the FunZone or around the farm. The food and drinks outside of the party areas are causing issues with our animals safety! There are garbage cans in each party area! 


farm animal birthday party


 Private Parties & Corporate Events

We do it all! We host and cater a variety of parties and events including but not limited to: birthdays, graduations, reunions, corporate & team building events, and much more!

Call us today to speak to our Special Events Office about hosting your event at the farm! By signing our contract you agree to the terms and condidtions listed on the website and in the contract. There are no refunds for any reason. The $100 deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Birthday Package

Two Hour Rental of One of our Private Party Areas (Requests only, No guarantees on which Private Area is avaliable at time of booking) You may arrive 15 minutes prior to your event only! You have 15 minutes at the end of your event for clean-up 

No deliveries are excepted by Oasis Family Farm prior to your event, all deliveries must be received by host of event, and not prior to the event.

You are responsible for set-up and clean-up, We ask for NO confetti, and any decorations, tape or string are completely cleaned at the end of your event! If you do a piñata, you must bring a pole with you, as we have no place to hang them in the party area. No piñata can be attached to beams. 

Party area includes six- about 8 foot tables along with a food & gift table

*You are responsible for your children and group! The FunZone is a free play area and must be chaperoned by the host and there guardian. 

Time Slots; Spring Party Hours- Upon request

    October Times Slots- 9:30am-11:30am, 12:00pm-2:00pm, 2:30pm-4:30pm

**The farm is not open from May to August! We are NOT booking Birthday Parties & special events during that time. Please ask about avaliablity and extended time in the FunZone**

(If avaliable you may extend your event for $100 per hour, must be added prior to the event, depending on availably!)

$350 minimum charge includes your first 20 guests (adults & children, we count the childern first). Additional guests (anyone after 20) will be $15 per child and $8 per adult. 


For Private Events host may bring in there own food, which must be ordered, payed for and received by host of event. We can not store any food on the premise, so if you are bringing your own food please plan accordingly. Any cutting or preparing of outside food is done by the host of the event, the Oasis Farm staff does not assist with that. 

If you would like to order pizza though us, we will call you for the order prior to the event. We will also take care of purchase and a food total will be added to the final bill. 

 We do not provide any plates, cups, napkins, silverware or utensils.


Private Wagon Ride

* All adults will have the option to join the wagon ride 

*Everyone must stay seated on the wagon, there is no standing on the wagon by any guest, including adults!

**During the Easter/Fall wagon rides may not be private due to increased guests**

The Farm is Open to the Public on Saturday’s and Sunday’s (Certain times of the year, please call for hours of operation)

 Access to FunZone
We are a completely outdoor venue, please prepare accordingly! There is no AIR CONDITIONING and we do close if there is rain. 

FunZone Includes;
70’ Zipline, Spiderweb Crawl, 50’ Tunnel Slide, Hoppy Balls, Swings, Tire Swings, Pirate Ship, Football Toss, Sand Area, Basketball Hoops, Farm Ball Toss, Trike Track, Pedal Cars and Sandbox Fossil Adventure. 

Photo Opportunities, Wagon Ride & Goats, Mini Horses, Chickens, Turkey’s, and Ducks
for Observation, absolutely no petting or feeding allowed! 

A Party Assistant will help with your event, such as keeping you on schedule, and directions on where the party area is located and taking you on your wagon ride. (A $20 fee will be added on to final bill for the Party Assistant)


for 20 Guests each additional guest is $15 per Child and $8 per adult

At Time of Booking Birthday Party there is a $100.00 NON-REFUNDABLE & NON_TRANSFERABLE.
Deposit to secure your booking. The deposit will go towards the total for the event.
There will be a $20 gratuity fee added for the Party Assistant. 

Add on’s

Additional child

Additional adult



Food or Drinks options avaliable upon request- 

(Pizza Only)


Pizza Delivery Fee- $20

Plain Pizza- $22 per 

Toppings- $3.50 per

Beverages- $2 per 

We are so excited to host your event!

$150 Clean-up fine will be added if area is not the way it was provided to you upon arrival. Details are located in contract that is signed at time of booking. This is NOT an additional service to add on to your event. 

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