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Looking for Fun Family Activities? Visit Your Local Agritainment Farm

Looking for Fun Family Activities? Visit Your Local Agritainment Farm

Now that the weather is warm and the kids are out of school, you’re probably searching for fun family activities that will get them outside and keep them entertained. Your local agritainment farm is a great choice. They will have fun while getting some fresh air and sunshine. 

What is an Agritainment Farm?

A combination of the words agriculture and entertainment, an agritainment farm is a farm open to the public and offers a variety of farm-based activities. The types of fun family activities may vary depending on the farm and the season. They can include getting to see the farm animals, hay wagon rides, activities that focus on the nature native to the farm’s location, and more. You can often purchase fresh produce or gardening supplies that were grown on the farm as well.

Benefits of Fun Family Activities

It can be a challenge to get your kids away from the television, computer, and the lure of video games. However, planning activities outside of the house where everyone can participate can provide the entire family with some valuable and unexpected benefits. 

Improves Communication 

While parents never relinquish their parental roles, fun family activities outside the home can strengthen family communication. Leaving behind the daily routine allows family members to interact on more of a social level. Face-to-face communication, as opposed to digital interaction, can have a positive impact not only on family communications but help to improve children’s social skills.

Reduces Stress

Family life can be stressful at times. A family is a group of unique individuals all trying to navigate the day-to-day routine in their own way. Disagreements are bound to arise. By leaving that routine back at home and immersing yourself in the activity at hand, stress is reduced.

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Strengthens the Family Bond

Fun family activities present the opportunity to get to know each other better. They provide an opportunity for increased interaction between family members. Away from work, household chores, and schoolwork, family members can share stories that were overlooked in the day-to-day routine. An outing that includes a new challenge for any or all of the family members will give them a chance to recognize and focus on each other’s strengths to work as a team. This will instill confidence that each member of the family can depend on the others for help and support.

Boosts Overall Health

All of the aforementioned benefits can contribute to the health of family members. Improved communication can reduce misunderstandings and stress. Less stress combined with the knowledge that you have a strong support system can result in better mental, emotional and physical health. The physical health benefits are increased further if the activity challenges the normal physical abilities of the family members.

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Fun Family Activities at Oasis Family Farm

If you live in or around Robbinsville, New Jersey, Oasis Family Farm offers a variety of fun family activities. In addition to observing the animals who live on the farm, we offer attractions such as our Gem Mine, Fossil Dig, Amazon Gold Rush, and our Fun Zone packed with over a dozen activities. We also host special seasonal events and birthday parties.

Our farm market has seasonal offerings such as locally grown produce, honey, and more. We are your destination for gardening materials such as screened topsoil, high-quality mulch. We also have seasoned hardwoods for your fireplace or outdoor fire pit. Bulk topsoil and mulch are available by the cubic yard and the fire by the cord or half cord.

The Oasis Family Farm can provide a whole day of fun family activities. We are constantly expanding our kid-friendly farm with new attractions that are both fun and educational If you would like more information about the fun family activities we offer, browse our website or contact us at 609-259-7300 


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